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American Diploma Pathway (ADP)

The American Diploma Pathway (ADP) program offers the accredited schools from all over the globe to foster Academic collaboration with American schools. The ADP equips schools to offer an American high school diploma within their country without many changes to the existing curriculum. Unidemy Global will match the coursework between the domestic High school and the American high schools. Students gain credits for work they have already done in their existing studies towards their American diploma. If any courses are missing (ex. American History), we will find alternatives and map to credits system. Materials will be provided for additional learning topics.

Unidemy will assist in the procurement of appropriate curriculum and learning materials for all high school courses at the USA high school. We will support the teachers from the home school (say, India) with the compressive curriculum, lesson plans, and assessments. We will also provide the necessary technology, training courses, and academic support during the program implementation.

The ADP comprises 12 core curriculum courses in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students receive official American school transcripts, certificates of completion for each subject test passed, and an official Greenville diploma.

Advantages of ADP to Indian Schools:

  • Partner recognition on the website of the American school
  • Joint curriculum development, staff exchange, training along with access to American school resources such as digital library, university network and labs
  • Opportunities to develop joint curriculum, staff exchange and training programs
  • Participation in international science fairs, conferences and research labs
  • Access to American universities, industries, teaching staff and training courses offered by Unidemy Global platform

Advantages of ADP for Students:

  • An official transcript with American School logo
  • An official diploma, signed by school district officials
  • The opportunity to attend graduation ceremony in American school (Greenville High school) along with American peers
  • Discounts on summer school programs
  • Invitation to all alumni events of American school
  • Four-year scholarship to attend La Roche University
  • Provisional Admission to US Universities partnered with American High School and Unidemy Global network