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IVY League Dream College Program

Everyone desires an Ivy League career. However, an Ivy League career demands an Ivy League profile. Our Ivy League Dream College Program begins conditioning the students as early as the pre-High School and helps them build an esteemed profile through our rigorous models of profile enhancement and personality development.


  • PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP Preparation:- A strong entry test score will be required to get into an Ivy League university. A good SAT along with a few top AP scores will make you stand out in the application pool
  • Academic Guidance:- A strong academic profile is advisable to showcase consistency and ability to adapt at the highest level. A student’s academic record from 9th standard to 12th standard will be assessed by top universities before deciding an admit.
  • Psychometric Analysis:- A customized psychometric skill and personality based analysis will help students and parents get deeper insights into what course would suit a student.
  • Career Counseling:- An experienced mentor from a top university or a seasoned academician will be the best person to guide a student through this entire journey of achieving the Dream College. The mentor will work closely with the parents and with other stakeholders to handhold and guide the entire journey.
  • Summer Internships:- Our collaboration with various universities abroad will help students choose exciting summer internship opportunities that will hone their skills.
  • Personality Development:- Various workshops designed to build presentation skills, oratory skills, and confidence
  • Career Specific Projects and Certifications:- We guide students to take up skill based research projects and recognized certifications that will boost the profile.
  • Community Service:- Our collaboration with recognized NGOs from all over India and abroad will provide the much needed life skills that would further define a student’s personality and emotional well-being.

Our comprehensive team comprises the crème de la crème of senior mentors, consultants/senior consultants & essay specialists whose alma mater includes the Ivy League and other top-notch global institutions such as Brown University, Harvard Business School, MIT, Yale University, Stanford GSB, Columbia…the list is endless.