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Meet our team

Dr. Shivanand Utlasar



“The world has consistently recognized that education is a powerful agent of change. Academic and financial success is intimately connected to knowledge production, evaluation, and dissemination. Scientific progress depends first and foremost on human efforts in the field of research, education, and technical training in which innovation lays the foundation. This is the philosophical foundation on which Unidemy Global is built.”

Dr. Shiva Utlasar, the president of Unidemy Global, is the driving force behind innovation at the heart of its mission statement. His vast experience is multi-faceted and includes a distinguished career in international business that promotes academic collaborations in the fields of both education and technology. Dr. Shiva is an entrepreneur with a passion for education and a triple master himself, MS, MSM, and MBA, which have served as the core of his professional life. Over the years, numerous institutions, students, and parents have benefited from his counsel and experience. The Son of a teacher remembers his father's words, and An educated society is a safe society. Educate and be continually learning and designing life one at a time.

Dr. Kenneth C. Edick


Chief Academic Officer Managing Director, Transnational Education Residencies Program

“Education key essense of modern society and can transform lives. Our programs will develop skills and abilities needed to succeed in today’s modern global economy. Students can travel to the United States in our TNERs program to live in a variety of cities and experience the many wonders of American culture while finishing their higher education degree programs.”

Dr. Ken is the Chief Academic Officer at Unidemy Global and the Managing Director of the Transnational Education Residencies (TNERs) Program that provides global resources and pathways to students from historically underserved areas around the world. Spending the majority of his time coordinating and developing academic curriculums that integrate with our American degree program partner colleges and universities, Dr. Ken brings the full experience of American education directly to students in their home countries.

Robert Stanger M.Ed

Chief of Global programs

“Global collaboration programs have immense potential to bring benefits various sections our highly connected world. We aspire to help our academic partners attain their true potential.”

Robert Stanger has two decades hands-on English teaching experience in High School, University level German teaching and he has extensively worked as an ESL, SAT, and TOEFL coach. He has worked Singapore teaching English to students from various linguistic background such as Chinese, Ara inbic, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Russian. Bob comes with track record of delivering an ESL seminars in the U.S., Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand for Government officials and educators.

Diane Stanger

Global Chief of Curriculum

“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you change the world. Our vision is to bridge the academic landscape”

Diane Stanger has worked as an ESL instructor teaching English to students from a diverse linguistic backgrounds including: China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Poland. Diane’s Specializes in Child Development and English language learners. She has travelled across three continents and experienced diverse cultures. Diane has studied French and German languages, a member of the Gold Key Honor Society, and has written two ESL books.

William Yoo

Managing Director: South Korea

“Whatever the mind of humans can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Even if you know the way, it is better to ask than to go astray. ”

아는 길도 물어가라. 꿈을 꾸고 믿을 수 있다면 이룰 수도 있다.

William Yoo has vast experience in industry and technologies. He has worked a teacher of mathematics early on this career. He has travelled over 200 countries for business and learning new cultures.

William’s international experience in Industry, business and education will benefit students and international education.

Zoey Nguyen

Managing Director: South East Asia

“Our efforts will help facilitate the cultural, academic, and business exchange of educational institutions and foster bi-lateral student and teacher mobility programs”

Zoey Nguyen comes with a decade of experience helping the aspiring students from Vietnam to pursue their higher studies in Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Zoey herself an international student, studied in Europe and founder of SACA (Vietnam Study Abroad Association). She brings her immense practical experience on necessities of international students in a new country and cultures.