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Students and professionals in India are increasingly turning to certificate programmes of all kinds and in increasing numbers. There are certificate programmes for corporate training, executive training, and management development. If you're interested in pursuing a degree or diploma from a foreign university, four-credit certificate programmes are a great option.

A wide range of fields, including business, education, health sciences, IT, and the humanities, are eagerly pursuing graduate and post-graduate certificate programmes. Because of their short duration, certificate programmes are of interest to students. Some Indian students who take certificate programmes from foreign universities in India may want to transfer and finish their degrees or diplomas at universities in the countries where those universities are. This is called "cross-border" education.

A typical certificate programme consists of five or six courses, with a maximum of 18 to 24 credits earned by students. Although some programmes are only one semester long, most certificate programmes are at least two semesters long. This means that Indian institutions can offer the whole curriculum of graduate and post-graduate certificate programmes that are offered by other countries.

Besides the existing certificate programmes, foreign universities can tailor their graduate and postgraduate degree or diploma programmes and offer them as certificate programmes in India. A certificate from a foreign university will be given to students who finish certificate programmes at Indian schools.

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